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Matthew Bates

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Anxiety Explainer

Hello, welcome.

I wanted to recreate a video I saw on YouTube that was done by either an Australian or New Zealand lady. It just really ticked all the right boxes for me, I’m going to recreate it in my own style, hopefully you’ll enjoy it too.

It’s about anxiety and how we create it and then how we get rid of it.

So what is anxiety?

Well, anxiety is an accumulation of negative thoughts. It’s all in our head and it induces the fight flight response, which makes us feel awful. As a hypnotherapist, we like to refer to our stress bucket as where we accumulate those negative thoughts.

This glass is going to represent that stress bucket and the water inside at the moment is going to represent positive thinking and positivity in our life. So let’s talk about the negative side of things and how we create this anxiety.

Well, it’s not the big events in your life that necessarily cause us to have panic attacks, but it’s the thoughts that surround it, so, all those negative thoughts.

So for example, if you have a crash. You’re gonna be thinking about how you deal with not having a car for a while. Whose fault is it? And all the rest of it.

So, let’s just see what happens and demonstrate. Now this compost is going to represent negative thoughts, contrasting colour and texture.

So you have a crash.

“Oh my God”, that’s your first thought. “I’ve had a crash”.

You check yourself, a bit of a stiff neck or maybe you’ve hurt your collarbone or something, and am I going to have to go to hospital?

Are the kids all right in the back?

And then we move on to other things like. Was it my fault?

No, it was his fault. How the hell did he not see me coming?

And then what about hmm, how am I going to get to work?

Is my insurance premium going to go up? Is the other driver insured?

How am I going to get my mother to hospital? She’s got a hospital appointment next week.

And as you can see, it’s already starting to overflow.

This is panic attack territory or anxiety attack territory.

Let’s just put that to one side.

So now you understand the principle of how we create anxiety, all those negative thoughts. So how do we stop that?

How do we stop creating anxiety?

Well, the opposite of negative is positive. So there are three things we can do.

We can think positively.

We can interact with other positive people and we can do positive things, create positive actions.

So positive actions do the things you enjoy doing because if you enjoy doing them when you’re fine, you’ll still feel that way even if you’re feeling anxious because you produce different sets of chemicals and all our emotions are based on chemicals.

Positive interactions, So be with people who are supportive of you, make you feel good about yourself.

They’re the ones you want to be around all the time because when they’re supporting you and making you feel good, you’re not going to be anxious because you’re producing the wrong sorts of chemicals.

You produce the positive, nice chemicals and finally thinking positively.

So think about things that you’ve seen or you’ve done. Use your memories.

Yeah, anything that’s nice, because when you do that, you change the patterns in your brain and you produce the nice happy coping chemicals like dopamine and serotonin and oxytocin, so.

When we produce, when we do those three things.

You start adding them into the stress bucket.

So let’s do that. So I’ve got some water here and just to make dramatic effect which give a bit of a stir.

Let’s add an overload of positivity instead of having all the negativity. Let’s see what happens.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I know which one I’d like to overdose on.

Thanks for watching.

I’m Matthew from Matthew Bates Hypnotherapy.