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Matthew Bates

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist



This was my first online rekaxation group session with Matthew and I am very surprised how well it worked for me. This 30min therapy was very well guided and it helped me to unwind after a hectic day. In the comfort of my home my body and mind felt calm after the session.


I am delighted with my new attitudes to life since taking therapy sessions with Matt. Professional, supportive, encouraging and effective in helping me review my approach to many things.
Great ways of explaining how our brains work and the impact on our lives.
If you want to improve the quality of your life and your responses to life events and experiences then look no further!


We are very pleased with the caring and professional approach. Matthew made timeto explain the approach which helped to get my daughter on the right path of recovery.


I recommend Matthew Bates Hypnotherapy 100%. It has been an absolute life changing journey for me.
I attended the sessions online with an open mind and curiosity.  I engaged wholeheartedly in the process which involved the sessions with Matthew once a week and then listening to an audio in the evenings. I learnt so much about myself, my mindset, habits, thoughts, feelings and emotions and also about how the brain works. This was the basis that informed such positive changes within me.
To begin with I was having to make conscious choices and use time and energy to implement the tools and strategies I was learning. Over time, these have now merged with me to be natural and automatic, like learning to drive a car. I am more self aware and have noticed profound changes in my relationships, attitude to life, approach to challenges but most importantly that I am living a more honest and authentic life as a result. I am happier and healthier and when theres a bump in the road, I am able to reset and carry on quickly.
Matthew is so professional, friendly, patient, knowledgeable and supportive. His voice is incredibly calming when listening to the trance / meditations and he guides you through every step. What he has done for me is priceless and I will be forever grateful.


A BIG thank you to Matthew for an extremely helpful few sessions. I was grappling with a few things that were affecting my mental health and felt I needed to make some decisions to move forward. With a practical yet empathetic approach, Matthew equipped me with the tools, clarity and compassion I couldn’t quite show myself, that I can now practice and remind myself of on good and not so good days. I feel more confident and able to make decisions. I was somewhat apprehensive about embarking on this type of therapy, understandably when you’re on your own and fear judgement, but with a leap of faith and trustworthiness that Matthew showed, I felt comfortable to open up to and work with him. It was a worthwhile investment and thankfully he offered an affordable package of sessions designed to get results and help me feel better, more in control, kinder to myself, and more confident to make decisions to move forward. I highly recommend him!


Forget everything you think you know about hypnotherapy- because Matthew’s hypnotherapy is so very far removed from those awful TV shows you’ve probably seen.

Matthew doesn’t get you doing daft things like clucking like a chicken. He gets you to focus on your issues and works through them with you.

He explains the working affect your brain has on every aspect of your being, with some actions or re-actions being part of your conscious and sub- conscious brain.

All sounds a bit technical? Yes, but Matthew‘s knowledge of his subject and natural, easy going professionalism, breaks down the mysticism of why we do things and (along with his drawings) makes you think about how and why you do what you do.

Most importantly he provides you with the the tools you need to effect a change in yourself.

Matthews’ sessions are just over an hour, with a trance included. I chose to have the sessions via zoom and found no issues this way, in fact it was somewhat more relaxing being in your own home.

Trance? Sleep, rest, time to catch up……..either way if you go into trance or fall asleep Matthew doesn’t mind, explaining your brain will still do what it needs to awake or asleep. Sound odd ? Maybe, but trust me it works. …….. He also provides the audio to be used alongside his weekly sessions.

All in all I had 8 sessions with Matthew, and can confidently say I’ve addressed and overcome my issues.

Matthews sessions have allowed me to re-calibrate and accept who I am. He has given me the methodology and coping mechanisms to use and explained that, what I thought were minor changes were, in terms of where I started 8 weeks ago, momentos growth.

Matthew comes along with you on your journey of self improvement and growth and is affectionately and genuinely as pleased and invested in your achievements as you are.

I’m still very much amazed at the way I am able to hear myself coping with situations and expressing myself, something 8 weeks ago I couldn’t of imagined doing.

I can’t thank Matthew enough for re-awakening me. I like being me again.

So, if you’ve doubts about hypnotherapy, all I can say to alleviate them is to try it, you’ve nothing to lose, but so very much to gain.


This is hard for me to say, but Matthew deserves thanks and recommendations for his work. I some how slowly over past year and a half got to a point where I was struggling to cope mentally. Felt like everything was on top of me. My anxiety was at a high and depression starting to set in.  A lot was caused by the kids Dad pushing me to get involved in things I didt want to get involved in and calling me names (we’ve not been together for 8 years), lots of the things from past years started to get to me again. Me and the kids also moved home last year, things happing at our new home environment (harassment from neighbours kids and parents, issues with the house I’d just brought), My eldest being bullied at school, it was all too much at once.

I was introduced to Matt through a friend. I was very sceptical at 1st, thought it would’t work. But I felt like I was in a bad place and I wanted to get out of it. So I gave it a go. Matt has turned my life around. He’s got me out of the state I was in. Im back doing the little things I did before to so my mornings are no longer stressful. He got me thinking about things.  He’s helped me remove a lot of my stress inside my head, old and new, and I can deal with things so much better now.

I have a much better relationship with my kids, my youngest tells me several times a day she loves me and im the best Mum. My eldest is always just giving me a hug out of the blue, not just at bed time. We are a very open family and I now don’t get mad when my kids tell me things. I pleased they did. Im doing my best to sort things/issues they have. My eldest is now doing better at school.  (She’s been through a lot of issues, and Matt has helped me so I’m able to help her deal and cope with things)

Don’t get me wrong.. we’re not the perfect family but we’re now a much happier family, one in a much less stressful household and a family that talks, plays together and cuddles a lot. It’s great!! I feel great and so do my children.

Thank you Matt


“I’ve been working with Matt for 4 months now and it’s proven really helpful in creating positive habits and sustainable well-being. The combination of virtual sessions and the audio have made it easy to ensure I’ve stayed on track. Matt’s calm and understated style is backed up by all the theory and training that mean I felt in very safe hands. I’d highly recommend Matt’s hypnotherapy for those wanting to make change or improvements in their lifestyle and wellbeing.”


I attended sessions with Matt over a few months. I felt really comfortable with him, he explained clearly what we were working towards with the therapy and how it all worked. The sessions helped me bring a calmness and a positive mindset to busy day to day life which I am very grateful for. Thanks Matt


Before I met Matt, I was in a place of despair. I felt depressed, hopeless and very unhappy. With Matt’s help and techniques, I instantly felt peaceful and relaxed. As the therapy progressed, I began feeling back in control both in my work and my personal life. I feel happy again. I always recommend Matt to anyone struggling with stress or any mental health issues. I think he’s brilliant!


I took up Matt’s offer to take part in a Clinical Hypnotherapy trial. I was mildly cynical at first and had limited experience of any form of therapy. However, I was surprised as to how beneficial I found the sessions. Not only was it extremely relaxing, but the hour I gave to it each week became something I would look forward to. During the ‘trance’ session, Matt was incredibly professional, calm and thorough. His voice is incredibly soothing and whilst I considered myself to be rather sceptical of the process, I found myself incredibly engaged and following the session, I felt relaxed and thoughtful. It certainly helped me evaluate my concerns which I presented to him and I am confident I took something positive away.

In the build up to the trance session, Matt takes the time to establish any concerns you have and why you think the session would be of benefit to you, with a goal of taking you to a “place of comfort” and to help you appease any anxieties or phobias you may hold. He was incredibly open and in no way was ever intrusive. He made me feel comfortable to engage and talk and I had the utmost confidence in his abilities to assist me in tackling any issues I had.

I would encourage anyone to work with Matt if your aim is to tackle any anxieties you have in the hope of improving your mental state and outlook on things.


I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the sessions I have taken part in, I have found the whole experience from start to finish to be very beneficial and I can honestly say I am sleeping much better and I am waking up with a renewed zest for life. I am also taking more time out to relax and focus on all the good things in my life. Using the tools that you have given me I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family.