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Matthew Bates

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Why Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is so effective

Hi, I’m Matthew from Matthew Bates Hypnotherapy.

Thanks for joining me and watching this short video.

I would like to explain why solution focused hypnotherapy works and what it is I do to help my clients get past those issues that are preventing them from living life the way they want to.

So why does solution focused hypnotherapy work?

Well, it uses a powerful combination of various psychotherapy tools and hypnosis.

The psychotherapy element helps the client to work out the small simple steps to take towards what they want their life to look like.

Now that might be free of anxiety, depression, stress or changing some unwanted habits or behaviours.

Then the hypnosis element puts us into a state of relaxation.

Now we all know how good it feels when we relax. Well, hypnosis helps you not just to relax, but to relax really deeply both physically and mentally. And it’s that deep mental relaxation that means that your mind is free to wander and at a subconscious level, start work on achieving the task it has been set.

So that in the days and weeks following, our subconscious gets us to make the changes we need without the critical conscious mind getting in the way.

And there you have it.

If you have got any questions or you want to know a bit more, then just drop me a line.

And thanks for watching.